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Paternity is a legal action that identifies a child’s biological father. These actions can also determine custody and visitation rights for the noncustodial parent and child support.


Melissa Hancock in Ocala, she is a skilled family law attorney who work swiftly, thoroughly and responsively with our Florida parent clients to establish paternity, resolve child support disputes, and formulate child custody and visitation agreements that are in the best interests of their children.


Fathers usually file paternity actions to establish a legal parent-child relationship or to obtain visitation rights with the child. Most mothers file paternity actions to establish and obtain child support from the child’s father.


Occasionally, fathers may wish to dispute the paternity of a child during a divorce negotiation or hearing and to seek to have their obligations modified.


Swift, Thorough, Responsive Paternity Representation


Melissa Hancock is an experienced paternity lawyer who can counsel you if you are a mother seeking a paternity action to identify the father of your child for purposes of determining child support obligations. We speak for fathers, too, whose paternity suits can help them gain child custody and visitation rights. We also accept cases from male clients whose paternity suit could prove they are not the father in a given case.


Melissa is prepared to assist with DNA testing resources in order to prove or disprove paternity. Services like these, plus negotiating and drafting legal documents for her clients, are conducted in an atmosphere of utmost privacy and confidentiality.


If she can help with paternity actions you may be considering, or in the event you have been served with a paternity suit, please notify Melissa Hancock as soon as possible.


When paternity becomes an issue that only an experienced, skilled Florida family lawyer can assist with, call Melissa Hancock today.


The swift, thorough and responsive legal representation she will provide in family matters can make a difference. Contact her so she can get to know you, learn about your problems and evaluate your case.

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