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Enforcement of Family Law Court Orders in Florida

Family law judges have the legal authority to make decisions related to your divorce, timesharing plan, child support obligations, alimony/spousal support obligations, and other issues. Along with your divorce settlement agreements, these rulings generally become court orders that both parties must obey. These orders commonly outline your obligations, duties, and rights pertaining to the relevant subject matter. If either party disobeys or violates any aspect of the court order, the aggrieved party has the right to have the order enforced through various actions by the court. Once it has been established in court that an individual has failed to comply with a court order, he or she can be held “in contempt.” This phrase means that the individual has knowingly disobeyed the order. 

Florida courts have various ways of enforcing family law court orders, depending on what has been violated. For example, if an individual violated the terms of a timesharing plan, the court may formally order the noncompliant parent to comply, make give the aggrieved parent extra time with the child, or order some other type of sanction against the noncompliant parent. In a case where a parent has failed to provide child support, past-due support and future payments may be subject to wage garnishment, tax refunds, or property liens. A court may also suspend the noncompliant parent’s driver’s license or take some other form of enforcement or penalty. 

The above decisions by the court will be determined in a contempt hearing. The aggrieved party will have the burden of proving to the court that the other party failed to comply with the court order. The other party will be given the opportunity to show that he or she did not have the ability or intention to violate the order. It is up to the judge to decide the outcome based on the evidence presented. 

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Family court orders can be issued concerning child support, child custody and timesharing, alimony/spousal support, and marital property division. These may be in conjunction with a divorce, a paternity action, or in the years following such procedures. These court orders are legally binding and, where an individual violates the terms of the court order, they can be legally enforced by the courts. Violating such court orders can lead to negative legal consequences for the non-compliant individual. 

If you need help concerning the enforcement of a family law court order in or around Ocala, the Law Office of Melissa K. Hancock, P.A. offers outstanding legal representation. As a Florida Board Certified Specialist in Marital and Family Law, Attorney Melissa Hancock represents the top five percent of all attorneys in the state who have achieved this superior status. She brings a depth of training, practical experience, knowledge, and skills that few others in the state can offer. Her firm is founded on bringing legal excellence to your case as well as compassionate and sensitive service in all family law related matters. 

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