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Family Melissa K. Hancock is certified by the Florida Bar as expert in the area of Marital and Family Law. To be eligible for board certification, Melissa K. Hancock had to demonstrate substantial involvement in the area of Marital and Family in the five years immediately preceding her application for board certification by showing that she handled at least twenty-five marital and family law cases during that five years, seven of which had to be trials of three hours or more. Additionally, she underwent a background check and a peer review by her opposing counsels and the judges in front of whom she had practiced. Once her eligibility for board certification was determined, she had to pass a rigorous six-hour written examination.

Melissa K. Hancock recognizes that dealing with any family issue is going to be an emotional experience for her clients, and she is prepared to help her clients through that time. Melissa K. Hancock’s representation is compassionate and honest, and she uses her knowledge and expertise to ensure that her clients know what they can reasonably expect with regard to the process and the outcomes of their cases.

Melissa K. Hancock is prepared to handle family law cases from simple to complex, including cases involving:

  • Divorce – including the dissolution of marriage process for high-asset and same sex couples
  • Property Division – the equitable distribution of marital property including real property, personal property, retirement accounts, businesses and debt
  • Alimony (Spousal Support)- whether you are the requesting spouse or the spouse defending a request, and modifications
  • Child Custody/Timesharing- including parenting plans, timesharing schedules, relocations, and modifications
  • Child Support- including establishing, enforcing or modifying child support
  • Paternity- including establishing parenting plans, timesharing schedules and child support
  • Nuptial Agreements- both prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • Adoptions- including stepparent, relative, infant and adult adoptions
Client Reviews
"My adoption was finalized this year and even though our client relationship is over Melissa and her team will always hold a special place in our lives. The expertise that Melissa and her team have show in their work. They are efficient, compassionate, respectful, and have integrity in what they do. I never left the office, ended a phone call, or read an email where I was left with an unclear answer or direction. Melissa Hancock and her team are top notch." Lavonne
"Ms. Hancock is an amazing attorney. She puts a lot of effort and pride into her work and I feel as though she honestly cares about my case, and my child's well-being. I would highly recommend her for any custody issues." Lizzie
"Melissa Hancock was a true meaning of a GAL. In my own words a guardian angel. I can not thank her enough for seeing the truth and making the best possible decision for my daugher and her future. I would recommend her for anyone. She saw the truth in my case and allowed it to be set free. Thank you Mrs Hancock." Stacey