Business and Corporate

Our purpose is to help your business navigate rough waters, settle disputes favorably, mitigate risks and manage the legal implications of transactions, agreements and strategies. Our goals are to be cost-effective, creative, hands-on and nimble.  


When you employ Melissa Hancock, she will share your goals and will work diligently to help you capitalize on opportunities and protect your business within the scope of the law. As a smaller law firm, Melissa Hancock P.A. operates much differently from large firms. 


Our attention to details that can make or break your case runs deep. Melissa Hancock goes beyond customary services, tailoring her work to customers’ specific needs. Armed with a long history of successful verdicts and settlements, she can bring considerable weight into any negotiation or dispute, from business formation to operation to dissolution.  


Her litigation background also provides key perspectives to help clients steer clear of conflicts or resolve them proactively.